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The world's highest 


Food security is under challenge by the rapid growth of the global population and the accelerated climate change

The world population will reach 10 billion by the year 2050. In 25 years, humanity will have to feed additional 2 billion people on this planet. However, on the opposite side of the picture, we are witnessing a rising pressure on ecosystems and an accelerating growth rate of urbanization – the world loses 12 million Ha of agricultural land and approximately 1/3 (or 1.3bn MTs) of the globally produced food annually and the urbanization rate will reach approximately 70% compares to 49% today. To feed this larger, more urban, and richer population, food production (for food and for biofuels) have to increase by 70% in the context of the decreasing agricultural land.

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Unleash the Potential of Every Plant

At ClimateCrop, we use our gene editing to unlock the potential of the plants to allow the plants (crops and trees) to harness more energy, store more carbon, and produce higher yields (in the forms of biomass and/or states of fruits). Consequently, we increase the grain and industrial material supply, while enhancing their carbon sequestration.

Vegetable Picking

At ClimateCrop™, we aim to:

  • Unlock the radical possibilities for a better and sustainable earth

  • Bring value across food, energy, and fiber industry systems

  • Mitigate climate pressure

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