Our Science

  • We use a novel gene found in angiosperm plants that functions like a ‘switch’ to control the photosynthetic energy storage process.

  • Our technology can turn the ‘switch’ back on to allow the plants to store excess energy and alleviate the negative regulation that impacts the plants' photosynthesis process. 

  • This technology is generic and can be applied to varieties of crops or trees to enhance their yield and adverse climate resilience.

Plant Biologist

What We Have Accomplished

Our technology was successfully tested on three crops - Potato (food crop), Canola (oilseed and biofuel crop), and Sorghum (gluten-free food, drought-tolerant, and biofuel crop) in controlled greenhouses and in field for Potato. 

Total yield increase in Potato tubers, Canola, and Sorghum are ~90%, 41% and 24% respectively.